Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Its That Time Again.

I know some of my ladies still haven't completely figured out what they want to wear on New Years Eve. Check Out 3 of my Top Looks To Ensure That You Stand Out.

I Call this one, 'Draped Up & Dripped Out'. This look is one of my favorites. Check the headpiece I found while browsing the Chanel runway looks. Ughhhhh I love  it. All Nude Everything. 

This second look is for the lady who may not be into dresses or just wants to stand out when everyone else will be wearing the same old thing. I did some color blocking with accessories to add drama. I love the idea of a sexy fitted jumpsuit & heels. With the right fit & cut, you will be turning heads. 

Now this look is not for my girls who will be in the club on NYE. Maybe you'll be at fancy party or gathering at someone's home. Either way I would wear it. Its long & alluring & very demure. There's no need to do anything much with this look. The dress does the work for itself. Peep the Alexander McQueen clutch!

**For those of you who wanna be basic [j/k ;] & just wanna wear a short dress & heels & dance the night away, don't worry tomorrow I'll have some looks for you too! But right now I'm off to shop. Au revoir ! & Remember Use My Looks As INSPIRATION. Wear what makes you happy & makes yu look good. [Click On All Pics To Enlarge]

**Jocoby Joyy- Turnin' Heads. Breakin' Necks. All Day.  EveryDay. 

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