Wednesday, February 01, 2012

20 Things we know about Storm...

Guess who's Birthday it is today?????

1. Best Promoter in the WORLD
2. Gorgeous Green/Gray/ Hazel (whatever color they are) eyes.
3. She A L W A Y S has your back.
4. From Harlem World Bae-BEE
5. lol
6. President of Rihanna Navy
7. Owes me a trip to New & Joyy ain't playing either
8. She is a hustler
9. Trey Songz finally followed her
10. Sat next to J.Cole at the concert (rolls eyes)

11. About to take Journalism to the next level
12. She loves all walks of life: Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Used to be gay, Asexual...Everybody
13. Does wonders when she at a photo shoot
14. She looks just like Rihanna
15. Belongs in L.A 
16. Need to leave Justin Bieber alone.....girl you 20 years old now
17. Twitter name is @STORMfatale Follow her Though 
18. Always changing her hair color 
19. Will use A N Y event or story to tell you to like V O G U E | Diaspora's Facebook yea click here please. 
20. Turn 20 years old today!!! Love you girl, and pray that you live to see many more Feb. 1

D'Mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that SIMPLE. "

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  1. lmaooo 19 is really true though . I remember when you first started this , it was EVERYWHERE because when Jay wants something known , believe me , it's known lmao HBD again Jayy