Thursday, February 02, 2012

Golden Brooks, Proud Mommy

Have you been wondering where former "Girlfriends" so-star Golden Brooks has been? Well wonder no more, Brooks was spotted out and about with her adorable baby girl in LA. Brooks is a proud mommy and has been focusing much of her time and attention on being a mother to her two and a half year old daughter, Dakota. Awwwww! Check out some more pictures.

We know your next question... who is the father to this adorable little girl? Actor D.B. Woodside. Here's what he had to say about controversies circulating his relationship with Brooks...

"Everyone really seems to keep picking at me for some scandalous story about Golden and I but there’s nothing to report, bruh. I’m sorry to disappoint but there isn’t any drama here. Golden and I are not together. We are not married, we are not engaged, we never were engaged, and we are not dating. We are only friends. Friends that love and support our daughter. Can everyone leave us alone now? Please."

- Taking Hollywood by STORM 

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