Monday, February 27, 2012

New Music | Mondays: TRIPP TRIPPY

"Always strive to be the best I can, and always take on new things no matter what."
Hailing from New Orleans, Marco Polo D'Andre La'Tripp Williams aka Tripp Trippy knew by the age of 5 that he would be in the music industry. Consequently, today V O G U E | Diaspora has decided to put the spot light on Tripp Trippy so he can showcase his talent to the world.  Check out his single, "KarRma," and tell us what you think. You know the rules: V O G U E or HELL NAW?

KarRma by Tripp Trippy on Grooveshark
Tripp Trippy's Contact Information:
Follow him on Twitter: @TrippTrippy
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D'Mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple."

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  1. OMG Look At Tripp Getting Noticed I see U You Trippy...Keep Doing Your Thang and This IS One Of My Fav Songs From You