Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He Wants Some CAKE!

[ Rihanna + Chris Brown in recording studio ]

The Twitter world was going crazy yesterday when Rihanna and her ex man Chris Brown released TWO duets that they did together.

It started with Chris Brown telling Robyn [Rihanna] Happy Birthday and then hours later the two released the songs.

Well Voguers what do you think of their Birthday Cake Rmx duet?

Oh no... Are Chrihanna back together!?
& what does Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche have to say about this? Well.. not much... she simply responded:

"I'm Ray Charles to the bullsh*t"

(click to enlarge and read tweets) 

According to Radar Online Karrueche told friends that she has an open relationship with Chris Brown and understands that they are both young and she doesn't attack him with questions. Hmmm, swingers are we?

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. stupid broke bitch gtf #team riunite with chris <3

  2. not ray charles. PIKACHU she needs to go somewhere