Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Message to Whitney...

As close to all of us know Whitney Houston has passed and since that horrible day everyone across the world has been expressing sorrow. Wendy Williams is one of them. During one of her shows Wendy Williams broke down in tears when talking about Whitney Houston.

She also spoke personally to substance abusers and called for them to get help. She also spoke about her own personal substance abuse days and how she felt that her addiction to cocaine brought her closer to Whitney in some way (Houston was also a substance abuser).  Through tears Wendy said...

“I’m not proud of the girl I was,” Williams continued. “But without being that girl, I wouldn’t be the woman that i am today. So if it makes any sense to you, I have no regrets. There’s one thing throughout it all. My connection with Whitney…that I wished for us both to be really sober and really aware and I knew I would meet her one day…I always pictured that time to be in our late 50s, 60s with her being the number-one spokesperson for “Say no.” I just for some reason thought that that’s what she would do. It’s what I want to do. I just thought we would meet, and we would hug and we would be sober and older and…"

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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  1. this interview had me wayyyy in my feelings! Glad you guys posted it because I missed the actual show! Thanks VD!!