Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tiny Gets Lavish On Valentines Day

While some of us were only eating cupcakes with our friends on Valentine's Day (yeaa, that was Ericka & I!), others were enjoying themselves thoroughly. Tiny was showered by her man T.I. & she made sure to give us the looks via twitter. 

I just love them as a couple. Especially from the show, you can tell how in love they are & how comfortable they are with one another.  

Complete with live music, and an intimate dinner . . .I say Tiny had a pretty decent Valentine's Day. 

Peep The Grand Hustle Chain . . .Lmbo. They really do warm my heart. Black Love At Its Finest. 

**Jocoby Joyy- I'm Known To Walk Alone, But I'm Alone For A Reason . . .

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