Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fresh Off The Runway

Its that time again ladies && gentlemen ;] This week we feature Chustin Wesley from Pompano Beach, Florida. Here's what he has to say about his personal style . . .

"I would say my style is a nice blend of everything. Some days I can be really fashion forward and other days I may be more casual."

I seperate my style in 2 categories: "Boxers and Briefs." I know you're probably wondering what? So let me tell you about the 2. When I'm wearing Boxers I'll probably rock a fitted hat or snapback with some nice kicks and just have "swag". However,  when wearing briefs Im usually in a nice pair of hard bottoms shoes, a pair of slacks and a nice button down with a few extra items(jean jackets, blazers,cardigans etc.) 

  "I guess yu can call it "VOGUE." TO me style is whatever makes you look and feel good but always remember that comfort is key!!"

*Sidenote* Yes, I did peep your salmon pink shorts in picture number two. Very nice choice. && again, the guys have just been tearing up our inboxes with entries. Cough Cough, I wish some ladies would represent!
I give my stamp of approval, but it is ultimately the readers who choose...VOGUE or No ?

*Jocoby Joy- Any man with style, instantly has my attention. --> _____ [.]


  1. Chustin looks fresh out a magazine!!! Billboard status. The young man is VOGUE! This is beyond the typical image of a young black man. He's the answer to the Who? What? and Wear?

  2. Love his style, its very unique.