Monday, July 25, 2011

RED means SEXY!

We all know that so many things come and go in terms of style but the famous red lipstick keeps brightening up the lips of women ... and men if that's what you're into ... but anyway, what I find interesting is how red lipstick can bring out the beauty in so many different types of women. Honestly, your skin tone or facial structure does not matter when it comes to red lip stick, let's take a look at some examples...

Now, moving along let's start with some tips on just exactly HOW you should wear your red lipstick.

Tip 1, Most Important:
The key to wearing your red lipstick successfully is buying the RIGHT shade! Your complexion is what determines what shade of red lipstick you should wear. "Yellow bones" as some people would call them should go for a "warmer type red" while females with a darker skin tone should go for a more fiery red.

Tip 2:                            
This tip goes for ANY lipstick that you intend to put on but moreso for red lipstick because you can make a classy look a trashy one by making this mistake! Make sure you line your lips PERFECTLY, think back to when you were a child and you took your time to color in the lines correctly. The same applies to your lips, make your fashion statement CORRECTLY.

Tip 3:

Make sure the rest of your outfit compliments and works accordingly to your red lips. For example, your nails ... if you are already wearing red lipstick try to stay away from red nails because the chances of you matching your nails with your lipstick perfectly is slim, and two different shades of red will just make no sense. You can never go wrong with clear!

Red lipstick is the definition of SEXY, celebrities like Trey Songz LOVE women in red lipstick in fact, he loves it so much that he wrote a song entitled "Red Lipstick." Also, our Voguers love it too, check out some of  V O G U E | Diaspora's viewers in their red lips!

Now, here's a little treat - Here is "Red Lipstick" by Trey Songz, put this on and be SEXY! <3

Taking Hollywood by STORM (:


  1. ilovee thissssss <3 you are greaaattt i lovee the redLip Stiick points!

  2. Bout Time Someone Gave some helpful Tips on "Red Lips" this fashion statment never gets old !! and i love it for the Classic Vintage Feel... it makes you look as if you never tried at all ! <3

  3. GREAT website I loved it ! Steph u look greatttt mama!!!

  4. U look so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L steph n im proud of u gurl luv u n stay up rememba Stephanie R ( Moreno ) will always b here for u ; ) xoxox

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  6. wow this blog interest me because i never ever ever ever wore red lipstick before in my life. when it came to lip colors i always stuck with clear. i have beautiful lips so i think its time for me to experiment! first color is redd! =)