Monday, July 25, 2011

Jesus Walks ... in MPH's Rhymes .

We all know that Howard University harvests students that have talent and ambition pumping through their veins but what makes this particular Bison stand out is his faith and love for God. Marcellius Hamilton, or also known by his stage name 'Man Praisin' Hard' takes his praise and worship beyond the church doors and into his rhymes. This nineteen year old Atlanta based rapper does not rhyme about the usual money, cars and hoes like most of today's Hip Hop stars but he spits with reason, and meaning. It is a pleasure of mine to spread Hamilton's influence to all of our lovely Vogue readers!!!

Here's a clip of MPH's video for "With My Crew."
"The Devil ima meet him, and bust em when I see him, cuz he tried to break my women ... he took over the TV and he took over the internet, took over the radio and gave Hip Hop a heart attack."

Want to know/hear more from MPH? Check him out at his official website


  1. I dnt realy like dis particular song he got but i heard homey spit at HU and it was real