Friday, July 29, 2011

Nails Done, Hair Did, Long Heels, Red Bottoms?

Ladies it's Friday, so tonight we will not be in the house! While, we venture out into our cities to different events, in fancy clothes, perfect accessories & and exclusive pumps, by the time we get home we'll all be thinking the SAME Thing: "Damn My Feet Hurt!" So here's a little something to think about when you feel like you can't take it no more.....Check out the video below.

VOGUE Note:  Yes her shoes seem to be leaning to the dirt, cause she Bow-legged & Parrot-toed 

D'Mor J: #TeamVogueD I LOVE this song, I don't care what you say, this is the anthem for girls!! If only Beyonce thought of this first???? Leave A Comment! 


  1. lol i like the concept of the song but ew she looks like a mix between a broke lil kim and a washed up nicki minaj and why is her face so straight when she sings and why does she sound like that this video is just all bad

  2. The song was cute and so true .. I used to b in the same predicament til the Dr scholls lil black flats lol .. bt she is tryna put herself out there I give her props for that .. she's bold deff vogue ¦ diaspora material