Monday, July 25, 2011

Fresh Off The Runway -- Van Gray, Miami FL

He exclusively tells V O G U E Diaspora, "I like to describe my personal style in one word, "Simplicated". I use that word to symbolize my love for simple yet complicated attire. I use the weather & my mood to determine my look for the day. A bright day brings more colors. A darker day brings more classic and conservative look."

"When thinking of an easy way to describe my style, I would call myself a  'jacket maniac'... Yes, I'm the guy that wears a jacket in middle of the summer. However, being a 'jacket maniac' doesn't mean my style has to be restricted or one-dimensional. I mix it up in many ways. There are times I'll pull of a light-wash jean jacket with a nice designer t-shirt underneath, add in a couple vintage pins or a nice sized brooch, and the right pair of sneakers... And I'm good to go!"
"On my good days I always incorporate a nice blazer. I love the blazer, shirt & tie look on myself. But sometimes, I use a simple understated t-shirt to compliment the jacket. But the key to this look is always having the perfect fitting jacket with just the right pocket square. When I have both things working on my side, I can't help but feel like a million bucks. "

*Jocoby Joyy- Any man with style, instantly has my attention.


  1. Absolutely Vogue !! I love a man that knows how to dress like a gentleman

  2. This boy has S T Y L E!!!! VOGUE