Thursday, July 07, 2011

Somebody Hired A Stylist.

Now, I don't want my Heat fans to be upset with me, but has anybody else noticed Dwyane's quick upgrade in style? He used to dress fairly simple like this . . .

Now... for some reason he's sitting front row at fashion shows && at premieres looking like this.

But here's the thing, when a celebrity has nice or commendable style, what draws us in is the authenticity. Sure Rihanna, Kanye, and Amare Stoudemire all use stylists. I mean, what celebrity doesn't have 'a team'? But the difference with them, is that we believe their story. We feel as though its 100% 'them'.

All I'm saying is that Dwyane I'm not quite believing your story. White shoes though with that outfit though? Only Kanye can do that. I will admit that though that changing up your style was a smart decision. By being the newest ambassador for Hublot watches, this will instantly boost your status & expand your brand. He designed the 20k rose gold watch below.
$20k Hublot watch
 Am I the only one who doesn't quite believe this fairy tale? Comment & let me know.  
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*Jocoby Joyy- Luxury SELLS. No lemme' repeat, luxury SELLS. What are yu ?


  1. Vogue. No doubt. DWade is sharp. And Gabby dont got thick. they're gorgeous together