Friday, July 22, 2011

Just A Little Rosebud .

Amber Rose is featured in the latest issue of the best selling lesbian mag, Curve Magazine. In the article she speaks on her attraction to girls, and learning to understand at a younger age that she was not 'straight' or 'gay'. I will admit I'm not the biggest fan of Amber but I do believe in building brands & she just will not stop. More power to ya girl ;] Pick up the latest issue of Curve to read all of the deets, but for now read a snippet below.

As reported from Curve,

"I've always been attracted to girls ever since I was little, and I like boys too. But as I got older in my teenage years a lot of the you know, freaky girls who were doing all kind of nasty stuff would say they were bisexual, so I never wanted to because I wasn't into those things."
"It was a weird moment in my life when I didn't know how to explain to myself I wasn't gay, but I wasn't straight and I just wasn't like some freak ― that you know, was just having threesomes all day. For me if I was in a relationship with a woman then I was just with her and vice versa."
"When I had my first girlfriend, me and my mom are best friends ― I just told her and my mom was like whatever makes you happy girl. Whatever you like that's your business I don't care. It was really easy for me."
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  1. love her but i feel like she dont show her true side