Thursday, July 14, 2011

What D'Mor Peeped at the Espy's.....

As a Miami girl I was against watching the Espy's, I did not want to see the Dallas Maverick's players boast about their championship. However, as my timeline on Twitter filled up with with Espy talk, I couldn't resist the urge to watch and form my own opinions. Check out my random reviews below.

1. Serena Williams:  This lady's body is ridiculous; as soon as I saw her I got on the floor, and started doing crunches! I heard she came to the award ceremony without a date, so I think it's safe to say that lil' mama was trying to get her a man! That pink dress was a great choice, it showed off her wonderful assets while keeping her look classy! Her hair was perfect, skin was glowing....I gave Serena an A++

2. Dirk Nowitzki loves chocolate? When Dirk popped up on the Red Carpet with a beautiful black women I was floored. I never thought this German man had a thing for us black sisters. While Dirk looked as nice as he  could in his black & white suit, his girlfriend was stunning in an all white floor dress. Go'head Dirk! Check them out below.

3. Why didn't nobody tell Lisa Leslie that baby heels were out?  Former WNBA player and three-time MVP, Lisa Leslie, showed up in thee most lack luster shoes I have ever seen. If you're going to wear a dress that exposes you feet: #1 get your feet done and #2 have on some eye popping shoes. I get that she is tall and wanted to have on a small heel but them busted shoes and them crawling toes...NO! Check out Mrs. Baby Heel below!
She should have choose something a little more like these:

4.  Pitbull & Jason Kidd are brothers. I took a quick glance at Jason Kidd, and I swore I saw Pitbull. Check it out below. 

D'Mor: No style; No fashion! Its that simple.


  1. LMAOOOO at everything posted. That was crazy. Serena is CEO of Teambangingbody. That ass got its own zipcode.

  2. lmbo at the post about lisa leslie!!