Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breaking News: The Male Edition....

Style is effortless for some men; for others, effectively pairing certain garments are a struggle. My picks for what's in Vogue for men is based on what women love to see men in; so, I decided to get a male's perspective on ways to change your look from "Look over there" to "Fresh off the Runway". See Tips below. 
New Tips 
1. Form Fitted Clothing
  • This doesn't mean tight fellas. 
  • It will create a nice and clean cut image, and make you look little more sophisticated. 

2.  Don't Be Afraid To Rock Leather 
  • Rockin' leather screams boss

3. Do Not Clash Styles
  •  Ralph Lauren with Jordans is a NO! 
  •  Slacks or shorts and some loafers, Sperrys, or Jack Purcells with that Ralph Lauren will always work!

Vogue Note: Men it is ok if you create a different look every day. Changing up your image makes your style versatile, and shows that you don't let the clothes wear you. 

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  1. OmG that last pic of Chris Brown. Love it!!!! I hate when people match hard. Dont be scared to just coordinate. If it goes, it goes. Red and purple definetly goes. He's Vogue and so are the other men.