Saturday, June 16, 2012

Drake To Be Arrested Tonight In NYC?

Rumor has it that Drake is to be charged with reckless endangerment, after a witness went to authorities with information that says Drake hurled a bottle during the brawl. If he doesn't surrender to authorities then cops may arrest him tonight at his concert at Jones Beach (Long Island, NY). Read the full story here.

Chris Brown and his team have been very cooperative with authorities, and it's no wonder why. Of course Breezy is trying to escape a jail sentence, if he's found guilty of anything he could be in violation of his parole.

 Watch as Birdman speaks on the incident:


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If you are not familiar with the brawl, read what happened here.

VOGUE | Note: Did you hear about the Australian girl who was on vacation in New York and recevied a blow to the head? What a great vacation (total sarcasm). This whole incident was ridiculous!

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