Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's A Fight | It's A Fight: Drake vs. Chris Brown

Last Night in the NYC, rapper Drake, Meek Mill and Singer Chris Brown partied it up at WIP in Manhattan.  Chris Brown sent Drake a bottle, which Drake obviously thought was DISRESPECTFUL. 

 Drake confronted Breezy after receiving the bottle, which led to the two arguing about "Rihanna" allegedly. The verbal quarrel got physical once Drake punched Chris Brown in the face, and hit him in the chin with a bottle. My sources say that Drake gave Brown no time to retaliate...but I say Drake just have fast hands.  Rumor has it that the altercation was instigated by Meek Mill. What y'all have to say about this??

In the end, innocent bystanders got hurt because of these celebrity woes. 

Breezy Tweets
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VogueNote: Am I the only one shocked by Drake??? Who knew he was about that life???


Roscoe Dash involves himself in the beef by tweeting his "opinion." Apparently he thinks rapper Meek Mill is involved too.

D'Mor J. "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple.


  1. I hate that this had to happen. Over a lil' crazy hoe? Who none of yall get to claim? Ohh OK. Chris & Drake acting like HOES

  2. Is that coke in Chris's nose ?

  3. oh how the tables turn on Chris. ha

  4. Rihanna must have the best cat in the whole entertainment industry. Aint it funny though, Chris beat Rihanna now Rihanna's nigga beating on him.