Monday, June 04, 2012

Designer Spotlight | Mademoiselle Tara by Tara Jarmon

There is nothing like showing skin during the summer. With the sexiest season of the year approaching, 
V O G U E | Diaspora highlights Mademoiselle Tara by Tara Jarmon to show our ladies how to be flashy while exuding fashion.
Created by French designer Tara Jarmon,  Mademoiselle Tara captures the essences of youthful sophistication. I fell for Jarmon's collection because it gives young girls edge while preserving elegance and since I am all about young ladies looking like ladies I had to share it with Vogue | D. So, check out a couples looks from Tara Jarmon's spring/summer collection below.

Perfect for Evening Outings

Wear It Day Or Night Honey 

 Pair it with flat & shades during the day, then switch to sandal platforms & accessories when night falls.

When Sunshine meets Fashionista

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