Friday, June 08, 2012

Chris Rock Calls Obama Our Zebra President:

Apparently people didn't take too kindly to Chris Rock's nickname for President Barack Obama. 

Rock, who has been out promoting his latest film: Madagascar 3, also said that people ignore Obama's "whiteness," and consider him to be a black President.

He had this to say specifically about President Obama:

"I wanted to be the lion, you know, king of the jungle and all that, but that didn’t work out…Snake is always good. You know, scare people. Ssss. But I’ll take the zebra. In honor of our zebra president. Black and white, white and black.…I love our president, but he’s black and white. He appeals to all. And that’s what I am going for."

People were understandably outraged by Rock's comment...

A status posted to a private Facebook account in regards to Rock's comment read:

"is he a f&%king idiot... dont you know that in slavery days if you had one drop of "n**ger blood" as whites would say, in you then you were BLACK?!! Come on Chris dont try so hard to be funny that you turn out sounding ignorant"

What do you think #TeamVOGUE|d ; was his joke taken too seriously, or was he out of line?

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  1. Overreacting! Why people would be mad at that I have no idea. He said nothing rude or wrong. Simply the facts. Obama is black and white. As are zebras. The argument is ridiculous.

  2. I Completely agree. People are making too much of this, and it doesn't matter what race the man was who said it. What he said wasn't ignorant at all in my opinion. For those who think what he said was ignorant they need to wake up.