Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: A Hot MESS!

WARNING: This post is HIGHLY opinionated!

The Love and Hip Hop everyone was accustomed to has taken its talents down to Atlanta.

The drama is bigger... and crazier.

The cast of this season include rapper Lil Scrappy and his baby momma, singer K. Michelle, aspiring musician Karlie Redd... but perhaps the most interesting cast members are the three stuck in a love triangle.

This is where things got real messy... smh and after watching this show and doing a little Twitter/Google research, I have a prediction for how this season is going to END (regarding this little messy love story.)



Stripper Turned Rapper: Joseline Hernandez

Joseline's biggest concern is not returning back to her stripper pole, from what I gathered after watching the first show of the season. Apparently her manager Stevie J is putting in work in the studio AND the bed room. Yes, we have ourselves a home wrecker.*sigh*

Baby Momma: Mimi

She seems like a nice, wholesome woman who just wants one thing: a family. Sadly though, her man (Stevie J) is bad news. The season opened with Mimi finding out about an alleged affair between Stevie J and the ex stripper, Joseline. She's the mother to Stevie J's daughter and apparently the woman that he truly wants to be with and loves.

Songwriter: Stevie J

He has three Grammy's
He's done work with Mariah Carey, P. Diddy and many more
He has a successful career as a songwriter... but being a good man to Mimi? He needs work in that department
From what it seems like, Stevie J has fallen in too deep with the "entertainment/music" lifestyle ... the women... the alcohol... the money... (as told by Mimi)

My Prediction:
After Stevie J fornicated with Joseline a countless number of times, she has a pregnancy scare. Stevie J already has one child and doesn't want another, certainly not with a stripper. He finishes this messy affair and calls it off for good. Joseline can't handle being just a business partner and begins to hate both Stevie and Mimi, thus cancelling him as her manager. After all this Stevie J spends his time trying to do right by Mimi and save her further embarrassment.

Why do I have such a prediction? Let's go to Twitter shall we?

Here are Joseline's tweets:

Wait... I thought her manager was Stevie J? Why is she calling someone else manager?

Joseline also tweeted this, which I assume was sarcasm...

Why do I think it was sarcasm? Well... while Joseline was tweeting about Stevie J, Stevie J was tweeting about...

But what really made me happy... was Mimi's tweets...

All of her tweets consisted of... HER. Retweets from supporters and words of her own, nothing about neither Joseline nor Stevie J...

& look at her bio, her daughter is FIRST and then comes business... YES Mimi!

Look at this tweet by Joseline:

Some women just NEED attention, but in the words of Meek Mill "we don't judge 'em though, they aint on trial."

So... let's see if my prediction is correct, don't say I didn't call it!

VOGUE | Note: At first I thought Mimi was going to be... for lack of a better term... an IDIOT... and put up with Stevie J's mess because he has money, well now I have hope for Mimi. #TeamMimi anyone?

WATCH: The full episode

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. This show is so the fuck scripted, when I saw the opening I thought I was watching the opening to a soap opera. This IS REALITY TV correct? Come on VH1 #dobetter AND JOSEPHINE JOSELINE WHATEVER IS A GRADE A HOE AND MIMI IS A BIG FAT DUMMY FOR MAKING HER SHITTY RELATIONSHIP PUBLIC. No amount of money would make me subject myself to such humility AND LIL SCRAPPPYS BABY MOMS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT LOVE SHES JUST LOOKING FOR COMPENSATION FOR GETTING PLAYED FOR DIAMOND. AND KARLIE REDD IS A SNAKE IM CALLING IT! The only people I think I could MAYBE fuck with are K. Michelle and Mimi's best friend (forgot her name). Straight like that.

    1. GIRL i agree with you times 100. Joseline, the bitch dont even speak English. Mimi is a lil dumb ass hoe, cursing at the man but not really saying shit cause she kept following his ass and begging him to come home...who does that??? Are you REALLY Fed up Mimi??? Cause we dont believe you. & Lil Scrappy Mama....ass on the floor bitch. Take a seat. Erica is just ugly...only person Im fucking wit is K.Michelle that girl can sssssaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggg.

  2. This is pitiful, just awful ... Is this really what it takes to get to Hollywood now? Well HollyHOOD in these heathens case.

  3. mlk jr is tossin n turnin in his grave lawd get these heauxs

  4. This show is straight scripted reality tv isn't REAL tv anymore !

  5. why lil scrappy look like a broke chipmunk