Thursday, June 21, 2012

What D'Mor Peeped | European Edition: Ladies

Most times as Americans, we tend to forget that we are not the entire world. The United States is only one country in the midst of many. So during my two week European excursion, I took note of the fashion trends in effort to broaden #TeamVogueD's view of fashion. Take a look at everyday fashion from Italy, Belgium, and Russia to France, and implemented them into your personal style.

 Your Floor Is A Runway | Wrap Sandal Pump
From the club, boutiques, lunch & dinner, everybody was wearing the Wrap Sandal Pump. I like to call it Summer's Anytime Shoe. It’s the perfect way to add a little sexy to your look.  These shoes can be worn with anything: skirt, dress, jeans, and shorts. Get you a pair honey. 

The Monotone Outfit is a sophisticated way to express your outgoing personality.

Ways To Wear It
  • You can either pair different shades of one color or keep the shade constant.
  • Make sure the shades aren't faded or worn because it will decrease the appeal of your overall look.
  • The darker the shades, the smaller it'll make you appear. So if you want hide a wide hips, wear the darker shade on the bottom, vice versa. 
  • Remember: keep it elegant. 

Take Me Higher Lord | Wedge Sneaker
Ladies we all know the "Bitch I'm Beyonce" feeling we get when we're rocking our pumps. While, now we can feel the same way in our sneakers. The wedge sneaker gives us the stiletto height, even though we’re wearing comfy kicks. The key to being in VOGUE while donning the wedge sneakers is to be casual and NOT over dress. Less is more when wearing the Wedge Sneaker. 
 Brighten Up Your Life | Neon Bottoms
Photo Collage
Neon is back...but in a good way. The newest statement pieces are the neon shoes. Most of the ladies in Europe pair their neon shoes with neutral colored outfits, but I think you can add a little more and have fun with this new trend. Great way to show off your girly side.

Day To Night Honey | Shapeless Shift Dress
 This is my favorite trend. If you’re anything like me, you want to be dressed appropriately for every occasion but being that I am from extra sunny and humid Florida…I know exactly how uncomfortable it is to even put clothes on. However, thanks to the shapeless shift dress you can go from morning to night in a one comfy, breezy, free and elegant dress. This is WINNING.

For the day time: Pair the dress with sandals, a turban, sunglasses and light accessories…then keep it moving.

Once night time falls: Throw on your highest pumps,  put on your statement pieces, style your hair appropriately for the event, and make sure your face is beat. You’ll make the best dress list…trust me. 

VogueNote: We all know that the United States is 2 years behind when it comes to implementing consider this your head start.

Diddy also released a short film, Le Premier, which captures some highlights from his time in Cannes.

D'Mor J "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple."

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