Wednesday, June 06, 2012

New | Video: "Mercy" G.O.O.D Music

The video for "Mercy" is here. Check it out!! 

VogueNote: When I was in France, I attended Kanye's 7-screen experience for his short film "Cruel Summer;" I must say that Mercy was definitely inspired by that movie.  

What did you think of it???

D'mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that Simply."


  1. I thought it was a pretty good video. Not a big fan of Kanye though.

    Great blog by the way :)

  2. my homie told me that the car in the video is actually a gallardo, not a murcielago. lol, if that's true, then i blame kanye. with his expensive, arrogant and swagged out taste, he should know the correct car that he is rapping about

  3. and oh yea, GOOD music runs the hip hop game right now! i love them

  4. Kanye continues to amaze me as a rapper, but why Kanye WHY are you with Kim BUT WHATEVER its about the music not personal life...