Friday, June 08, 2012

Guy Style | Trend Alert | Red Pants

To kick off this Friday, why not start with some guy style?! While this trend hasn't quite reached household name status, YET [only the super daring&stylish have given it a try], I guarantee you in the months to come red pants will be a highly coveted trend. . .

 For spring and summer, pastel colored jeans have already taken over women's closets in colors like mint green, rosy pink, & vivacious blue. But what about for men? In general, colored pants were seen all over the runway, but red was definitely seen the most often. Designers such as DSquared, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, & many more gave examples on how to incorporate color into your daily looks. 

Tips For Mastering The Red Trouser?
  • Keep It Simple- Have you ever seen someone who had on too many trends at one time? I'm sure you have, so you know that wearing too much at one time is just that--TOO MUCH. Keep the rest of your outfit understated, & let the pants do the talking. A plain white shirt & blazer is more than enough
  • Fit Is Key- If you're a frequent follower of the blog, then you are aware of my love for a well tailored look. This is not the time for baggy or even too-tight pants. Shop around for something that fits your frame exactly. [B.T.W. Slim leg, that cuts rights at the ankle is almost always universally flattering]
  • Shades of Red- Everyone might not be dying to throw on a look-at-me red-light pair of pants. If that isn't you, opt for a deeper wine color, or even a distressed berry tone. Make this cool trend fit your personality.

I personally love the ones from ASOS & the Gap. Will red pants be in summer wardrobe, or is it just too much for you to handle? Let us know!
**Jocoby Joyy- A Well Dressed Man Always Has My Attention. 


  1. I already own red chinos . I guess I'm jst tht fly

  2. lol, I wont shoot the thought behind the concept of design but rather swagg it out. This ensemble can be an succesful attention grabber for who ever can OWN it. In a swagge-right get-up such as this, confidence is key. This attire screams "look at me, I know I'm ballin out!" But if the swagg cant match, you could be caught whispering " I just look pretty in pink." Just my take on stepping out. ;)

  3. love this post the fans want to see more of this on vogue diaspora

    a helpful hint from a long-term fan MAKE IT YOUR OWN with some posts i feel like you guys just copied it from another web sight we came to vogue diaspora instead of those other sites for a reason

    keep up the good work

  4. Red Pants are truly a statement. I had been wanting some since last year but i finally got them somewhere around 2 months ago and I was so excited. I've only worn them twice tho. Those are definitely statement type pants and ppl will notice you. I love that you did this Junious!