Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black Men Don't Love Black Women?

Truth Moment. 
Over spring break, after watching yet another rap video where the love interest was a young Spanish chick, I simply tweeted . . ."When Did Black Men Stop Loving Black Women?" Shortly after me & one of my followers engaged in debate over the validity of this statement, so you know I had to bring it to team VOGUE|D.

I know, it's a pretty harsh statement. However, after seeing countless music videos where black men swoon over the exotic chick, & reading tweets like, "I'm #teamnokids but when I do have them I want a mixed little girl with light skin & long curly hair", I have reasons behind my statement. 

& while I do understand that there are upstanding black men in this world who still adore black women, I still maintain that there is an obvious decline in the relationship of African American men & women.

Black women are treated with disregard in the workplace, in fashion, & all throughout the media, but when it comes from our own counterparts, it kind of hurts. & nowadays it seems like at every corner more African American men are turning away from AA women. Above is a photo of Weezy & his current fiancee. (Yes, Lil Wayne is engaged to a white girl!) After all his talking about thickness & redbones he chooses to wife the white girl. 

&& Weezy is just an example because its everywhere. I'm not sure if you have noticed, but increasingly black love is starting to look more like mixed love. See Trey Songz current lil dip below . . .
I'm not trying to make this a long & drawn out post, so I'm going to wrap it up with this: I support all types of love. Whether its black, white, or interracial. If an individual truly falls in love with someone outside of their race, then that is a beautiful thing because it was not race that made them fall for each other. But when a man only dates Caucasian, Puerto Rican, Indian, & Asian chicks, because black women are unattractive and angry goldiggers who aren't to dated or wifed I find a problem with that. ( & when they do date black girls they have to be white girl replicas. Insert Nicki Minaj's & Beyonce's here)

I mean is there any hope for black women? && don't make me start dropping those statistics on the state of black marriage . . .
Your Thoughts My Loves? 

**Jocoby Joyy-&& when he gone, he leave your ___ for a white girl o__0


  1. its true. black guys dont love black women anymore. I'm not sure when the disconnect took place but its definitely an issue. we're all seen as angry, ignorant, lazy indivduals & its sad it really is. I love VOGUE
    | Diaspora. you girls are the best ;)

  2. wow jacoby very well said

  3. Am I the only one laughing at "Yu wanted a long haired thick redbone & went got this?!" *dead*