Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mike Epps Conversation With Daughter Leaks

Mike Epps has been in the news lately for allegations of threatening his daughter Bria.

According to the 18-year-old her father threatened to "f*ck her up" and she believed that he really would.

According to TMZ Bria had been angry with her father for not giving her tuition money to her personally, instead Epps wanted to pay her school the money directly.

Well now the conversation has leaked... Bria could also be heard teasing her father... listen here...

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


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  2. Bahahaha Yes. I believe he would fuck her up, and the way she's yellin my ma would fuck my ass up too

  3. He's dead wrong for calling his daughter a bitch.

  4. No father should speak to their daughter that way. And although we don't know their situation and relationship, its disrespectful for her to speak to her father like that as well. The fact that the issue was Epps paying the school directly and not her doesn't lend to the idea that he's being a bad father. Unless she has ulterior motives, why be upset that tuition money is going directly to tuition? Regardless of who pays it.

  5. Why is she mad about the way that her tuition is getting paid. SHIT! People are so ungrateful. I wish my father WOULD pay for my tuition. I got $20,000 in loans and that number is only increasing.