Thursday, March 01, 2012

Love & Hip Hop | Season 3: Baby Mama Drama

Congratulations ladies!!!
We all know that Season two of Love and Hip Hop, ended with Kimbella revealing that she was with child. However, today photos of Chrissy and Yandy were release displaying possible baby bumps.  So if all three women are pregnant at the same time while filming season  3, I think it's safe to the say that all the prenatal hormones will leave Love and Hip Hop viewers with a satisfying season. 
Look at Yandy's nose all spread out.....Yuup she is definitely pregnant.

 Vogue Note: So will the babies be beefing as soon as they're popped of out the womb? Hahahah

D'Mor J: "I'd rather fail 500 times in pursuit of perfection, then to be lack luster and mediocre.

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