Friday, March 02, 2012

From Dallas to D-League | Lamar Odom

He's been going through some things...

1. July of 2011: The limo that Lamar Odom was riding in killed a 15 year-old boy

2. December 9, 2011: L.A. Lakers trade Lamar to Dallas

3. February 20, 2012: he is forced to take leave of absence from NBA to tend to ill father

4. Today: Lamar has been sent to play for D-League. 

Can you say Texas Legends?

Life for Odom hasn't been peachy as they portray on TV.  On the 20th of February, Odom took a personal leave of absence from the Mavericks to attend to his ill father in Los Angeles. Upon his return to Dallas, he suggested that he is released from the team, and demoted to the D-League until he was able to get his life back on track. On the contrary, Odom's D-League career won't be long because ESPN reported that he will have two private workouts today with Mavs consultant Tim Grgurich. By the way, Odom still gets to keep his 8.9 million annual salary. 

So if you're in Dallas, TX, you can catch Lamar Odom rocking his Legends jersey at his game tomorrow night.

This is what his new jersey will look like: 

D'Mor J: "I'd rather fail 500 times in pursuit of perfection, than be lack luster and mediocre"

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  1. yvette smalls smithMarch 4, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    Thats sad I really like Lamar He's been getting the tail end of the stick scent he has marry into the family,Yes I said it do your history.Thank you