Friday, March 02, 2012

New | Music: "Visionz Of Home" by J. Cole & More

Today, J. Cole dropped a new track inspired by Fayetteville, NC, and Iggy Azalea murdered "Iggy in Moscow." On the other hand, Tamia and J. Holiday are trying to make a come back. Check it out #TeamVogueD: Vogue or Hell to the Naw.....Let us know.  BTW, I snuck Tank's new video in there, watch and critique lol

More Than A Love Song by J. Holiday ft. Black Cobain on Grooveshark 

Beautiful Surprise by Tamia on Grooveshark 

  Iggy In Moscow [CDQ] by Iggy Azalea on Grooveshark

Visionz Of Home by J. Cole on Grooveshark

D'Mor J: "I'd rather fail 500 times in pursuit of perfection, then to be lack luster and mediocre.

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