Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wiz and Amber: A match made in Hip Hop Heaven.

The two are finally engaged!

We knew it was coming. The two are inseparable. Amber Rose always said that it was up to Wiz Khalifa... she says:

"whenever he wants to propose, that's when it will happen."

Peep Amber's ring!!!!

 & the bride to be couldn't be any happier. She took to Twitter to express excitement by RT'ing congratulations from fans and friends and also tweeting herself:

"He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World... 
We Love all u Rosebuds, Rosestuds & Taylors so much! Thank u for all ur Love an Support 4 ya Muva & Fava's Engagement!! xoxo - Muva Rosebud"

A match made in Hip Hop heaven?

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- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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  1. Wiz doing his thing. You don't chose who you fall in love with, you just do.