Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OMG Based God Is A Genius | Lil B goes to NYU

"Cultural icon Lil' B will treat NYU to a very rare speaking engagement."

Most people think Lil' B is an eccentric individual who doesn't understand the purpose of Hip-Hop. However, it is clear that Lil' B is a genius. Consequently, Lil' B has been invited to speak at New York University on April 11th.

In pursuit to prove that some rappers make millions off songs that lack meaning and fail to mentally engage the listener, Lil' B has released songs like "Wonton Soup," and say things like "OMG Based God, Swag." This, ultimately, was an exaggerated attempt to show that no matter how stupid a song is, today's youth is willing ignore the illiteracy and financially support it.  

Listen to Lil' B rap for real
D.O.R by Lil B on Grooveshark 
I feel horrible that a predominantly white school, NYU, has caught on to Lil' B's tactics and provided him with an opportunity to exploit our ignorance. 
I wonder if other rappers realized that Lil' B was throwing slugs?? Waka Flocka Flame? Juiceman? 
VogueNote: Rap Satire? 

You want to hear Based God speak?  NYU Students can purchase tickets in advance for $5 if they have a valid NYU I.D or for $10 with a government issued I.D.

D'Mor J: No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple. 


  1. If this is true. I have just gained Alotta respect for the man.

  2. No one understands. I wish i could share this a million times.

  3. Its apparent when you take the time to listen to his body of work. Hes clowning the industry.