Friday, March 23, 2012

Lotus FLOUR Bomb | Kim K Thrashed with Powder

WTF happened to you?When you're as beautiful and rich as Kim Kardashian, it's almost impossible to be hater free! & Boy did the haters make their appearance at Kim K's "True Reflection" fragrance event. Peep Kim's Flour bath below!

While Kimmy flaunted her gorgeous smile on the red carpet at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, CA an estranged woman assaulted her with powder, which covered Kim's hair and blazer. The crazy lady was arrested, while the Fire Marshalls investigated the powder to determine the severity of the assault.

 VogueNote: #TeamVogueD when I heard what happened to Kim K all I could hear was Rihanna singing "Cake cake cake cake cake cake."

 The fire department identified that the white substance was baking powder; so Kim ditched the blazer, brushed off her hair and proceeded to host her event because we all know... 

One monkey DON'T stop no show. 

D'Mor J: No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple. 


  1. damn.. thats f^ckd up.. i wonder if she had a legit reason for it.. maybe she was from PETA..

    kudos 2 Kim K for brushing her shoulders off & getting right back 2 biz ;)

    #becontagious.. Spread The Love

  2. one monkey DONT stop no show. you dog on right! People have NO lives to sit there & bother Kim in that manner. her personal life, is her HERS & hers only. call Kimmy what you want but the girl has a serious work ethic, an evn serious wardrobe, & knows the value of a BRAND. i bet yu the lady who threw powder on her had on ugly shoes. nice post