Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ciara debuts NEW hairstyle...

R&B star Ciara has definitely had her share of "new hair" throughout her career. Some styles good, some styles bad. VOGUE | Diaspora wants to take #TeamVogueD into the world of hair. We call this edition: CiCi! Before showing you her newest look we want to take a look at past looks. But please, keep in mind that although VOGUE | Diaspora is a FAIR site we also do add some opinion into certain posts. This is one of them. Ciara fans that are insanely, and oddly obsessed please do not read. :) Now, proceed!

Natural CiCi:

Although Ciara does have some tracks sewn in there I call this the "natural Cici." The reason being, obviously because the short, silky bob cuts give her a more natural look (the subtle make up helps as well). Personally this is my favorite look of hers. It attracts just enough attention to her face to show off her beautiful features!


Remember when Ciara debuted this look? My first question was why? Then it was who... as in who the heck let her do this. Followed by HOW! It was a sad day in CiCi history when she paraded around wearing this wig. **Shakes head three times.**

Cat Woman CiCi:

I can't tell you why but when I saw these pictures I thought of cat woman. Maybe the make up helped with this look? Anyhow, I like the straight-back braids. I think she has the perfect facial bone structure for her hair to be pulled back. It worked CiCi! Just don't ever do that short chopped up wig again!!!!

My Homegirl CiCi:

I HAD to call this the "My Homegirl CiCi" because she looks so plain. Not in a bad way! She looks like she could be one of your best friends you roll out the club with. The black tracks did CiCi good, I think it gave her an innocent, clean look and it works well with her tone.

Hot & Bothered CiCi:

I understand Ms. CiCi was soaking up the sun but this particular color blonde just was not working! I love the color, but not with her! Altogether I just hate it!

Fun CiCi: 

Yaaass, fun CiCi! Specifically speak in terms of the image on the left I think the perfect splash of blonde was added. A lot of times women who try the two tone blonde and black end up looking trashy but that look was perfect. Take your bow CiCi. On the other hand... on the right (which was her hairstyle just recently before changing it)... idk... it didn't work for me. Can't quite put my finger on it but somethin' aint right!


I AM IN LA-LA-LA-LOVEEEEE! Ciara just recently revealed this new look and I absolutely love it. I think it goes perfect for her! The blonde and slight wave absolutely did it! She kind of looks like a barbie doll, but not the Nicki Minaj kind **no shots fired**... Go CiCi, it's ya birthday!!!!

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