Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rihanna the Reality Star?

Pop star Rihanna has been exploring various other sides of entertainment including acting, directing and now she'll be doing reality shows!

Rihanna will host alongside a co-host who is a blogger for VOGUE.COM. Henry Holland (her co-host) and Rihanna will also be joined by his close friend Nicola Roberts. They are teaming up to find the next big DESIGNER in the UK. The final winner will then have their work worn by Rihanna in July during her London's Wireless Festival performance.

Rihanna's co-host Henry Holland

 "I think it's a great concept and a brilliant opportunity and platform for designers and stylists. A chance to work with Rihanna and some great mentors across the music and fashion industries is definitely something I wish I had been lucky enough to be able to do when I was starting out." - Henry Holland

Rihanna and Henry Holland

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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