Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is Givenchy The New Polo ? | Fabolous Wears Givenchy's Rottweiler College Print T.Shirt

"Put On That GIVENCHY & Let's Get Raunchy" --Mr. West
While having a conversation with my friend regarding the recent urban's population infatuation with Givenchy, I had to ask, "Is it the new POLO?" Don't get me wrong, Givenchy has been a respected fashion house for decades, but in recent times celebrities like Kanye West & even Tyga have introduced the high fashion brand to an entirely new demographic. Fabolous was spotted on the set of his "She Did It" music video wearing the brand's Rotweiller College Print T-Shirt. 

Even artists like Waka Flocka have been spotted wearing the Birds of Paradise Crewneck ($785)
&& while, I am happy more people are being introduced to high fashion, I hope it doesn't cheapen/diminish the exclusivity and luxury that Givenchy represents. I mean, can half of these artists even pronounce Givenchy correctly? In urban culture, POLO now seems to be played out because so many people over wore it. Something similar happened to YSL's highly popular logo shirts a few years ago. Y'all remember that? 
Short Sleeve YSL Logo T-Shirt in White and Black

At the end of the day, people should wear things because they truly love them, not just because others made them popular. But that's how pop culture works right? Trends, Trends, & More Trends . . . What Do You Think About Givenchy's Newly Found Urban Popularity?

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