Wednesday, March 28, 2012

State of the Union Address

Forget politics this is a VOGUE | Diaspora STATE OF THE UNION "CRIME" ADDRESS. I don't know if these strong emotions come with age or what but now more than ever I have this terrible feeling about the state America is in. Who are we granting justice to? The murdered... or the murderers?

God. Why are our people dying? By our people, I do mean the American people. Since the murder of Trayvon Martin so many other murders have been brought to my attention. The murders of Bo Morrison as well as the most recent murder of:
                  NOLAN RYAN HENDERSON.

Nolan Ryan Henderson was murdered on March 25, 2012. After being jumped he was shot in the face and died instantly.

There have been NO arrests, but tons of witness statements. Here are the FACTS that we have thus far:

- Ryan (first name is Nolan but he was referred to as Ryan) was at a party on the night of March 25th
- It is reported that Ryan bumped into an unidentified football player that plays for Jackson State University
- It is reported that Ryan apologized to the football player but the apology was not enough, apparently Ryan was then jumped 3 consecutive times by certain unidentified members of the Jackson State University Football team
- It is not confirmed that any of the football players were connected to his murder but some of them WERE INVOLVED IN HIS JUMPING
- Police confirmed that the house where the party was thrown do belong to certain members of the football team

Sanya Henderson, the mother of Ryan, immediately went to Ryan's school in search of ANSWERS. Henderson spoke with several students who attend Jackson State University and according to her they all said that Ryan was jumped by certain members of the football team.

(a few football players, the house where the incident occurred is behind them)

Sanya Henderson feels as though there is little being done with the football players. None of them have been arrested nor have they been question. It is also said that the football players attended a meeting in which they were informed that if any of them said anything to anyone then they faced suspension, and their scholarships could possibly be revoked (we are not sure how factual this bit of information is.)

VOGUE NOTE: Although we are not certain if any of the members of the football team are directly connected to the murder of Ryan we do know this: they brutally beat him. Why are there no arrests? #TeamVogueD we MUST help. My heart goes out to the family of Ryan and I just can't imagine how they must feel. Ryan's youngest brother is adhement about finding his brother's murderer and seeing to it that he is CONVICTED OF MURDER.
Ryan's brother Damien

A statement released by Ryan's brother Damien, click to enlarge

(click to enlarge and read tweets of the football players speaking about the party)

VOGUE | Diaspora is not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, we are only looking to assist in finding the person responsible. To find out how to help out: Click here. To stay updated on this case: Click here.

UPDATE: Henderson's cousin Jarrod Emerson is now in custody after allegedly accidentally shooting Henderson. After learning of Henderson's alleged assault Emerson wanted to confront those responsible for the assault. After allegedly firing several shots Henderson was shot in the face Read more.

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