Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drake Spends 7.7 Million On New Mansion!

Drake is definitely eating good, and apparently he's LIVING good too!

The 23-year-old rap star just purchased a home in Hidden Hills, California that would make even the richest of the rich jealous.

(Outside view)
I absolutely could not believe my eyes when I saw the photos and I'm sure it will have the same effect on you VOGUERS!

(Arial shot)

In 2009 the home was on the market for $27M so it looks like Drakey got a bargain!

From the looks of the home there's no doubt Drake and his rapper buddy Meek Mill will throw sick house parties.

(Look he can invite Serena Williams over!)

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VOGUE | Note: Drake better be inviting VOGUE | D to these exclusive gatherings!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. Chile...lemme start stripping so Drake could meet me then fall in love. This house so perfect it dont even look real.

  2. he been had this, cuz they talked about the grato in his GQ interview. However, Drizzy didn't play with this house.

    1. That was a different home, not in this part of California.