Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lupe Fiasco to 2 Chainz & Kanye West: "I'm tired of hearing the same songs!"

During an interesting interview with Jenny Boom Boom (Hot 93.7's host of The Hot Afternoon Show) the Chicago-based rapper, Lupe Fiasco, gave a surprising comment on Kanye West & 2 Chainz's latest collaboration.

There are many critics of Hip Hop and lately a lot have been seeming to come to the same conclusions. It's either Hip Hop is dead or Hip Hop is repetitive. Fiasco sided with the latter of the two.

When Jenny Boom Boom asked him about the song titled "Birthday Song" he had this to say...

“For me, Hip Hop, I wanna hear stuff that I’ve never heard before so like 99 percent of the Hip Hop that I hear these days is just the same... And it just kinda gets like, ‘What am I listening to it for?’ And for me that’s keeping it 100. It is what it is. It might be good, the beat is dope, lyrics might be whatever on a technical thing but at the end of the day it’s like, ‘Why am I listening to this?'"

Here's the track he was referring to... 

VOGUE | Note: Is Lupe Fiasco right?

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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  1. listen to the new nas. its absolutely different then what people is puttin out