Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jennifer Williams drops Lawsuit!

Looks like there's been a change of heart! 

Nia Crooks, one of the stars of VH1's "Basketball Wives" has been relieved of a lawsuit that was brought against her by her co-star, Jennifer Williams.

Williams, who was slapped by Crooks during one of the show's tapings, claims she suffered serious injuries and psychological damages from the slap to the face.

Williams filed court documents to end the legal battle for good.

Sources close to Williams told TMZ "she is already dealing with her difficult divorce and did not feel that it was necessary to continue to pursue civil action."

A lawyer for Crooks also told TMZ "We have always maintained the frivolous lawsuit brought by Jennifer Williams was nothing short of a last-gasp attempt to maintain her dwindling relevance on Basketball Wives."

VOGUE | Note: The lawsuit was ridiculous in the first place, given the nature of Jennifer's personality... I think she was being vindictive all because she was embarrassed. Shouldn't have been apart of the show!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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