Monday, July 23, 2012

One Year Since Amy Winehouse's Death & Fans Still Remember...

Crazy, bee-hive/teased up-do, up and down weight gain and loss, smooth & soulful vocals, addictions, fears, music... Amy Winehouse gave it all.

Today marks a year since the singer's death and fans are reacting.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their sadness and send out condolences and she is currently trending WORLD WIDE.

Fans in Canada fans are taking it a step further.

An event will be held in honor of the late soul-star and was organized by a Toronto based singer, Emma-Lee. There are about five people scheduled to perform some of Winehouse's greatest hits.

Here's what Emma-Lee said about the event:

“I look at it as a bunch of musicians to celebrate not only a really amazing singer but . . . an incredible songwriter. That’s part of Amy Winehouse that is overlooked, that she wrote many of her songs completely by herself and had a hand in all of them. So I think it’s important to remember her in that way.”
Rest Easy Ms. Winehouse! 

Here's one of my favorite songs of her's...

Here's Ms. Winehouse live!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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