Sunday, July 22, 2012

Forbes' List Of Highest Paid Celebrities Under The Age of 30!

Forbes is good for letting you know just how rich the rich is.

Recently they released a list of the highest paid celebrities under the age of 30 and you'll NEVER guess the high rollers on the list.

TOP 3 (between 2011-2012)

Taylor Swift ($57M)
The 22-year old country singer topped the list, and it is reported that the bulk of her money comes from her countless amounts of sold-out concerts. (Each take in an average of $1 million dollars a night) WOW!

Justin Bieber ($55M)
18-year old Bieber is definitely THE MAN! Coming in second on the list, he reportedly pulled in $55 million dollars due to $12 million in album sales, concert appearances, endorsements from Proactiv, and also investments that he's made in numerous tech start-ups. He's a BUSINESS, MAN!

Rihanna ($53M)
The 24-year old "We Found Love" singer came in number three on the list, despite her recent suit filed against accountants who allegedly stole a large portion of her earnings. Rihanna brought in $53 million dollars... and she's currently on vacation on her own private YACHT.

Here's some photos!

Others on the list include: #4 Lady Gaga ($52M) #5 Katy Perry ($45M) #6 Adele ($35M) #7 Kristen Stewart ($34.5M) #8 Lil Wayne ($27M) #9 Taylor Lautner ($26.5M)  #10 (Robert Pattinson ($26.5M)

Forbes calculated the stars' earnings based off of album and concert sales, movie gigs, endorsement and ad work and profit participation. The estimates were tabulated by contacting managers, agents, lawyers and other entertainment industry experts.

VOGUE | Note: Did you notice that the list was comprised of mostly females? Who run the world? :)

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  1. rihanna is THAT nigga but I expected Adelle and Lady Gaga to be higher on the list