Friday, July 20, 2012

Reasons To Shop | HRH Collection

I have no idea why it took me so long to feature and share this brand with our style obsessed readers. I found Alex, creator of HRH collection, well over a year ago on Youtube and never looked back. It was her super chic OOTD vlogs that lured me in, and her fun & flirty personality that ultimately made me subscribe. Alex is a great representation of all things chic, classic, & luxe which is manifested into her jewelry line, HRH. Find out exactly why her custom, handmade pieces should be apart of your jewelry arsenal.

There is really no other way to describe HRH, other than as a breath of fresh air. We all own and love super statement pieces, you know the ones that you can't wear too often in fear of other's judgement. [I mean no one likes a constant outfit/jewelry repeat-er, right?] Or the ones that are so funky that they go with hardly anything! A truly style conscious individual knows that just like there are basics to a wardrobe, there are essential pieces that should be the foundation of a jewelry collection. 
HRH offers just that with a wide range of functional and super classic necklaces, bracelets, & soon-to-be rings that one can wear for seasons to come. 

The pieces effortlessly flow from city chic to night time glam. You can layer them, stack them, mix & match them for endless style possibilities. From cut off shorts & tanks, to blazers and tailored pants, HRH is a non-fussy way to infuse luxury into every single look.
My Top 3 Picks are the Ultra Sleek Necklace [Matte Black], Glossed Ombre bracelet, & the Chain of Command Necklace [Antique Bronze]. & even though the pieces are primarily designed for women, I think guys could rock certain pieces as well. [The Ultra Sleek being a great example.] Unisex jewelry? Doesn't really get any better than that
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Don't thank me for introducing you, just place your order ;) Readers, are we in love ?
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