Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Jocoby Joyy!

Hollywood is constantly looking for a new "IT" girl...

Well... my VOGUE | Sister will definitely be that one day.

Today we pay homage to a young fashionista who paves the way for women, more specifically African-American women, to make a name for themselves as business women. Jocoby Joyy not only breaks necks on Howard University's campus with her bold, daring fashion statements but she also blows minds in the classroom. Let's just say this little lady was a proud member of #Team4.0

She has also been a positive and important force in one of Howard University's groups "EPP: Endustry Power Players."

It's not hard for a woman to be beautiful, but beautiful, humble AND intelligent? Now that certainly is the recipe for a real WOMAN.

Jocoby Joyy has become famous for her keen eye for fashion, but THAT'S NOT IT she can DANCE  circles around your BEST choreographer!

When I first met Jocoby she was dressed beautifully from head to toe, and this was FRESHMEN move-in day. PLUS she drove from TEXAS all the way to D.C. and STILL had time to look more than her best?

I can't recall a time Jocoby has ever stepped out looking, for lack of a better word, basic... even her "low-fashion" is "high-fashion."

Today, at 20-years old, Jocoby you stand even taller than you did yesterday. On behalf of D'mor J and myself I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY diva :-*

VOGUE | Note: I can't wait until we all have our glasses of the finest champaigne, "Juicy" by my cousin Biggie will be playing in the background, and we'll make a toast to our accomplishments. Girl, I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so PROUD OF YOU! #VOGUE|D 

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. this truly brightened my day. so heartfelt.