Monday, July 09, 2012

Director's | Cut: Jeredon O’Conner

What happens when a simple childhood past time manifest into a destiny?
From the moment the ladies of V O G U E | Diaspora met Jeredon O’Conner, we knew he was a very gifted filmmaker. During our interview, we discovered that Jeredon's desire to become a filmmaker started while he enjoyed the simplicity of playing with his toys. Like most children, Jeredon explained that he would create characters and stories while playing. However one day, he decided to record his toys while he played...that was the spark that ignited his fascination with film. On set with Jeredon, I witnessed his ability to maneuver the camera with finesse while capturing scenes that the regular person would over look. With these skills, this rising sophomore from Howard University, has already began to brand himself as a prolific story teller. 
So how could we NOT share Jeredon O'Conner with #TeamVogueD???

VOGUE | Diaspora: Whydo you think you have what it takes to be a dynamic force in the film industry?
O'Conner: It’sall about passion. Passion takes you a long way. Being so young, I have so muchto learn and so much to gain. Starting early in film making, has given me roomto turn my passion into the necessary skill for my craft. Without passion andlove for your craft, you don’t reach your full potential, your inner greatness.So in the end, we all have what it takes to be a dynamic force in whateverfield we pursue, but only few are willing to apply that “it” factor and thatpassion.
VOGUE | Diaspora: Whatmessage do you try to tell through your short films?
O'Conner: Themessages of my films vary from viewer to viewer. I don’t set out to tell anyparticular message, I just set out to tell a good story. The message you get fromthat story is up to you, and might be entirely different from what the personsitting beside you gets from it.

VOGUE | Diaspora: How do you plan on using film to impact the world?
O'Conner: Film, just like any type of media, is entertainment. Not to be the barrier of bad news, but not all film as to tell a political or social message. It can simply be for entertainment. (Not saying that those films aren’t beneficial) The viewer can take that entertainment and make whatever out of it that comes from that experience of watching a film and their life. With me, I want my viewer to get in touch with their emotions. I want my films to make them become happy, sad, angry, scared, excited, or all of the above. I want to bring entertainment to those who need entertainment, which is just about everyone.  
VOGUE | Diaspora: Whatinspires your films?
O'Conner: Myfilms are mostly inspired by other films and my experiences. In every one of myfilms is a piece of me (and a film I’ve grabbed inspiration from), but it’salso a piece of the viewer. So I take an experience, which I have been in, andusually a ton of other people, and use it as inspiration to tell a story aboutit.
VOGUE | Diaspora: Haveyou had any experiences that really helped cultivate your career as a filmdirector?
O'Conner:  Ican name a million and one things that helped me cultivate my film life.However, I would say studying the craft of film making is preparing me for agreat future in film, if I should say so myself. I study all day every day, andwhen I’m not doing that, I’m thinking of new ideas or new ways to study. But,all of the studying in the world doesn’t mean anything if I don’t anyexperience on set or making a film myself. That’s one of the reasons why I’mconstantly shooting short films, constantly on sets of peers and mentors, andconstantly looking for opportunities to be on a set, it’s all about experience.

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VogueNote: The Ladies of VOGUE | Diaspora want Jeredon to know that we appreciate and admire his passion and dedication the art of film. Success is yours because you have claimed it. Good Luck.
This is the first time the Ladies of V O G U E | Diaspora worked with Jeredon. He left a lasting impression on us. 

D'Mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple."


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