Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reality Blues | Love & Hip-Hop ATL + Joseline Debuts Song

 Hands down, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is the best soap opera out. Producer Mona Scoot has brought the drama for your mama, and we all watched it go down last night. Watch the full episode below, and listen to Joseline's debut track "Bailar." 
Disclaimer: This post will be very personable and opinionated. 
Fight or Hug Out?
Was it me or were NO punches thrown? Is Stevie  J a gorilla? Did we really hear Stevie J say, "Yea, she is a bitch," after Scrappy disrespected Joseline ? Where They Do That At?? 
Scrappy You Know YouDead Wrong
Scrappy revealed that he has feelings for his "Best Friend" Shay, and that he is preparing to tell Erica that "It ain't working out." Mind you, before Scrappy was able to move into his own place, Erica was the one who gave him a place to stay. He is trifling! 

Miss Buckeey Who Kissed Flavor Flav

It clearly was NOT sunny while Shay paraded around in her Waffle House Yellow bathing suit. So why the swimsuit Buckeey Shay?? 
Did you notice that Scrappy had on anti-pool wear? 
Peep his socks in the photo.  
It's safe to say that Shay & Scrappy had no intentions of taking a few laps.  In addition, I been dark skin my entire life and never had to put on sunscreen on a Cloudy day?? 

  Do we Believe Mimi?

“I want to better myself, and I want to move forward for me and my daughter. Period.” 

A Sane Couple

I am so happy that Rasheeda and Kirk are a part of the show. I need their moments of black love in the midst of LHHATL's Drama. Thank God for their exhibition of love and understanding. 

Joseline & Stevie J Playing House

So now that Mimi kicked Stevie out, he's over Joseline's house making her breakfast and laying in her bed. 
Say whaattt??? 
And let’s not forget how Joseline stood up for her man during the Stevie vs. Scrappy battle.
 Chyle, this is LOVE. Lmao

Random: What was up with Stevie J's Thug Life Mug & his hideous B2K Vest??

Watch the Full Love & Hip-Hop Episode 4

D'Mor J: "No Style, No Fashion. It's that simple."


  1. Oh D'Mor. bahahahahahahaha. I needed this.

  2. i cant stop laughin.

  3. Lil' Miss Buckeey Who Kissed Flavor Flav??? <==== This Hahahahha!!!! D'Mor you set her agenda start. Who did she think she was fooling?

  4. Shays wig is ridiculous you are on television young lady!