Monday, July 16, 2012

The Game Vs. 40 Glocc

Two of G-Unit's ex-members seem to have as much resentment towards each other as they do for ex-label mate 50 Cent.

Rapper The Game shows off his "tough guy" role in this approximately 2-minute long clip.

Apparently 40 Glocc "snitched" on The Game and also blasted him on the internet previously.

Check out footage below

Both of the rappers took to Twitter to express frustrations. 40 Glocc claims The Game jumped him as well as pulled out a gun on him, but he says he will not be pressing charges.

The Game insists he did not pull out a gun but he also says the only reason he did not "kill" 40 Glocc is because he would receive a harsh jail sentence.

40 Glocc talks about the altercation

Well... My rhetorical questions are: how old are these men? What year is it? *Sigh* let's grow up.

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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