Sunday, January 08, 2012

Is that you TAMAR?

Braxton Family Values's biggest star Tamar Braxton-Herbert has clearly gone through some serious changes throughout the years. Not just in looks (cheek enhancements, nose job, lips, etc) but she's gone through a change in personality as well, at least from her television personality. The Tamar we know is loud, in your face, tell you about yourself, and right? In this interview done in '99 (to promote her self titled album 'Tamar' released in 2000) shows a reserved, seemingly sweet Tamar with BRACES.

Here's the Tamar we're used to...

Here's Tamar in 1999...

Crazy huh?

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. Wow, time really changes a person huh?

  2. omg totally different person.. never knew she used to be quiet and looked that way lol.

  3. Its her husbands money that got her being a stuck up

  4. umm in the other pictures she is smiling hence cheek bones.And in one she is 20 something the other around 34..hmm ppl change.the only thing that has chanhed is her nose get a grip n stop hating on her to make yourself feel pretty.

    1. U MAD? Yu know taemar LML

  5. the video is less than 2 minutes you dont know what her personality was like