Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Friday: TOP OF THE WORLD

The year is '98 and we're taking you to the TOP OF THE WORLD with Brandy and Mase.

Brandy Norwood was definitely one of the top teenage DIVAS of the '90s, she had EVERYONE playing her music. Her career started in '93 when she signed a contract with Atlantic Records. Since then she's won Grammy's along with many other awards such as one of the best-selling females artists in American music history by RIAA!

Where Is She NOW? You can catch Brandy on BET's The Game on Tuesday nights at 10pm!

"Some people say that I am not the same girl, they say they think I'm in my own world. What makes them thing that I have changed? A little dough cannot erase my problems, see like you I've got to try & solve them."

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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