Thursday, January 05, 2012

Is Kanye our future?

Rapper Kanye West took to Twitter to let out his thoughts and his plans for the future and within minutes became a trending topic in the US. From what it seemed like he was also taking a little trip down memory lane.

He tweeted many times about his late mother Donda West, and one of the tweets read...
"My Mom would wear blue jeans with a fur and an embellished "Cosby Show" sweater : ) to pick me up from school"

He also tweeted about his future endeavors in the fashion world as well as in the world of business. First he cleared up rumors regarding his clothing line, as reported before the name of his line was to be Dw in fact that is not the name of his line. Kanye West will be the name of the line and Dw was placed on the invite to pay homage to his mother. According to West he has no backing for his line and he is very independent and getting his line off the ground. His first fashion show was paid for out of his own pocket and this has been something he has been working at for eight years (and was even turned down by Bape.) After his Taylor Swift incident his office in  LA was shut down and he flew off to Japan for one month and designed everything in his room. He has since moved to Rome to give ideas for men fashion, collaborated with Nike to design one sneaker every two years (Yeezy's), opened a small design studio in Paris, as well as inspiring young men and women everywhere! As far as the area of business West is starting a design company named DONDA. The company will be a team of amazing thinkers in a creative space to put together their dreams, ideas and creative sides... He tweets...

 "I assembling a team of architects, graphic designers, directors musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicist, social media experts...DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford..."

Sounds to me like Mr. West is a man with a plan! Is Kanye West the future of fashion... correction is he the future PERIOD?

"They say you only live once but every time I come to work I feel like I'm starting a second life." - Kanye West

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. We love you yeezy

  2. I feel like this is partially true but when you think about Kanye's thoughts and aspirations he merely wants to help people. I think he wants to unite the world. We are the future and I think he wants us to see that in ways other then great music.

  3. This is crazy. He is already one of the most creative rapper/producers in the music industry. To see him venture into expressing himself in new mediums like fashion will be interesting. I am anxious to see what he comes up with...