Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kyla Pratt: Shuts Haters Up

People have had much to say about Kyla Pratt and her baby as well as the father of her baby and she cleared everything up on the Wendy Williams Show. 

People accused Kyla Pratt of keep her pregnancy a secret but Pratt explained to viewers that she didn't keep her pregnancy a secret she just wanted a little privacy to avoid any negativity and to remain happy during her nine months of pregnancy. To refute claims of her trying to keep her pregnancy a secret she says that she even went to Disney World when she was eight months pregnant!

As for her boo thang once again she defends him and says the he was NOT  a stripper but he was a 'competitive dancer' who was not too shy to take his clothes off. Now the father of her child is a tattoo artist as well as involved in the music industry.

Okay Kyla, we hear you!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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  1. Ppl need to realize that stars don't need to broadcast their whole lives for their public and ppl need to leave them alone ..